Product Categories

Pendant Light

Luma origami lampshades and pendants diffuse lights and create a warm ambiance for any room. It also looks super aesthetic and artsy to be used as decoration. Depending on the size of the lampshade, it is suitable to be the centerpiece of any given room.


Table Lamp

Luma handcrafted table lamp is made of solid Canadian Maple or Oak that gives natural and warm colours to your bedroom, home office, or kids' room. Every piece is sanded by hand and polished with a clear matte finish to create a durable surface.


The designs of our lampshades are inspired by the traditional art of origami that involves folding a single sheet of paper into 2D or 3D objects. We then attach them with a string to make a beautiful and functional lampshade. We use responsibly sourced materials such as local Canadian wood, recycled plastic, and handmade Japanese papers to create durable and sustainable products. 

We put a lot of attention to detail in every process, from design to packaging. We create a mock design on a computer and score the paper with a machine. We then cut and fold the paper by hand into the desired lampshades. We package each lampshade individually with a corrugated box to ensure product safety during shipping. 

As for our wooden lamp bases, they’re made from solid maple or oak hardwood that gives a natural look & warm feel. We cut and sanded each part and assembled them to a beautiful finish. We believe in simple designs that highlight the artistic component but do not overpower the room's main style. Thus our table lamp designs are simple yet functional. 

All our products are handcrafted. The nature of a handmade product reduces the amount of energy waste used in big-scale factories. Our lampshade also promotes the use of a low-energy light bulb as it should only be used with an LED bulb, thus even lowering our energy footprint. Products with the same design may not be 100% Identical, but each product is always made with love and attention. Being able to create and finish each lamp is special to us. When someone buys our product we also feel much happiness and gratitude. We hope that the feeling of passion when we create our lamps transcends our customers when they place our lamps in their homes.

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